Astoria Pacific Seafoods' plant is located on Pier 2 in Astoria, OR, USA. Astoria is at the mouth of the Columbia River, close to the fishing grounds.

Pier 2, Astoria, OR, USA

Fishing and Processing

Astoria Pacific Seafoods processes sardines and anchovies from June to October.

Our fleet of boats harvests fish in the Northern Pacific Ocean, and delivers the product to the processing plant within hours. At the plant, the fish are packaged in polylined boxes and blast frozen. Then the product is palletized, stretch-wrapped, and shipped to cold storage, where it remains until delivery.

For a full breakdown of the fishing and processing method, see Production.


Astoria Pacific Seafoods' sardines are Pacific Sardine species Sardinops sagax. The sardines' sizes vary daily. For an update on current size availability, contact us.

Sardines are sold blast frozen in 10kg (22.04 lb) boxes.

A sample box of frozen Pacific Sardines.

Concise side labelling gives all necessary information.

A finished box with a single strap.


Sardines are typically sold blast frozen. Sales of fresh sardines must be arranged prior to fishing.

If interested in a tour of the plant, just contact us to make arrangements. Tours can be conducted Monday through Friday.


Astoria Pacific Seafoods' facility is USDC and FDA approved, and has an Oregon Department of Agriculture license.


Need more information? Contact us, and we will try to answer your questions.


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